Fiero Definition: Proud, Dignified, Bold

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The Pontiac Fiero

During its’ short 4 year production run from 1984 to 1988 Pontiac produced 370,168 Fieros.  Pontiac’s mid-engined two seater introduced many new and innovative technologies.  I am the proud owner of 2 of these innovative automobiles.  One was purchased new (the white 1988 GT) and the second (the blue 1985 PPG Fiero GTP) through a Barrett-Jackson auction.

There is some debate about whether the Pontiac Fiero is a true sports car or just a mid-engined runabout.  Come take a ride with me and you be the judge.

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1985 PPG Fiero GTP

In 2009, General Motors sold off a sizeable portion of its private Heritage Collection cars to the public, via a series of high-profile Barrett-Jackson auctions.  In April of 2009 I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder of one of only 6 PPG cars produced in ’85.

There were six of these specially prepped Fiero GTPs in various experimental PPG pearl metallic colors that made up the PPG Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) Precision Driving Team.

The team consisted of female drivers, who performed driving maneuvers and stunts during the pre-race festivities at race tracks during the ’86 and ’87 CART Indy Car racing season. The purpose of these special Fieros was to showcase the capabilities of the automotive suppliers to the automotive industry in a highly visible and public atmosphere.

Here’s a photo of the ’85 PPG car at the 30th Anniversary Reunion in Indy.


30th Anniversary Reunion
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44th P.O.C.I. Convention ~ July 2016 ~ Bettendorf, Iowa

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30th Anniversary Fiero Reunion

This is a short video taken during unloading of the PPG car at the 30th Anniversary show in Indy.  We unloaded at night so the video is naturally a little dark but it provides some good audio.

There is very little ground clearance on the front of the car, hence the ramp extensions.

Here’s a video from YouTube that features the PPG car as well as several other PPG Fieros.

The video has some still shots of the engine bay and interior and some exterior shots from various angles.



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Fiero 20th Anniversary Reunion

Here are a couple of videos from the 20th Anniversary reunion show showing some rare Fieros.

The 90 Prototype, Original Indy Pace car, Turbo Fiero, Convertible, IMSA GTU race Car, 4 seater Fiero, first and last Fieros ever made, Super Duty Fiero PPG Formula.

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1988 Fiero GT

26,402 Fiero GTs were produced during the 1988 model year, 6,849 of which were GTs.  Mine was purchased new from the dealer and I am the only owner the car has had.  It served as a daily driver for a couple of years before being converted in 1992 for SCCA events and show.

44th P.O.C.I. Convention ~ July 2016 ~ Bettendorf, Iowa

On The Track

Track Videos

On Display in Indianapolis

1988 Fiero GT On Display at 30th Anniversary Show
Here’s a photo of the ’88 Fiero GT on display at the 30th Anniversary Fiero reunion show in Indianapolis.


Here we are with both Fieros loaded and heading home from the 30th Anniversary Fiero reunion show in Indianapolis.  It was a safe and easy 5 hour trip and a great experience.  I am proud to have been a part of such a great event.
Loaded and heading home